tommy ton and anna dello russo together...oh, feels like heaven!

Anna Dello Russo is the woman who’s launched a thousand street-style blogs. The tirelessly exuberant editor at large of Vogue Nippon is basically synonymous with front-row style (not to mention giant fruit hats). But that’s thanks in part to Tommy Ton, who has made a subspecialty of documenting her numerous outfit changes in loving detail.
Tommy and Anna will both be in Toronto tomorrow for When Tommy Met Anna, an exhibition at The Bay department store chronicling their ongoing friendship, and the many, many photos he’s taken of her since he first spotted her back in March 2007. 
“She’s gone from Anna Dello Russo to ADR to…I don’t even know what you want to call her today. Anna Dello Gaga?” the Canadian lensman says of Dello Russo’s evolution. 
For her part, ADR is blunter: “He is my guru,” she explains. “For me, Tommy is now my fashion eyes".

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