Fendi - fall 2010 rtw collection (my favorite looks)

The Row's perfectly aged selvedge jeans

Before the advent of skinnies, "boyfriends" and stretch boot-cut denim, jeans were a simple affair.
Now, it seems, the pendulum is swinging back toward the classic: Straight-legged styles, with a casual, not constricting fit, look right again. Leave it to designers-slash-fashion icons Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen of The Row to turn out a must-have pair. Made in L.A., their selvedge jeans are expertly faded, with just the slightest slouch—like your favorite old 501s, but cut for women. Would you expect anything else from the sisters behind all those perfect T-shirts?

Tommy Ton's Paris snaps

Louis Vuitton's L. A. roof party

Rodeo Drive has long captured the world's imagination as a palm tree-lined Valhalla where the Beautiful People go to buy beautiful things. So it's no surprise that the cocktail party that Vanity Fair hosted last night at the Louis Vuitton boutique there to benefit the Oceana foundation attracted a swarm of star-struck onlookers, craning their necks to steal a glimpse of the Hollywood celebrity in its supposed natural habitat. Several stories up, said celebrities (including Christina Ricci, Rashida Jones, and party co-host January Jones) enjoyed the cool breezes of the rooftop terrace while being attended to by a distractingly good-looking fleet of cater waiters. "I actually never come to Rodeo Drive," said Kristen Bell, as a hunk bearing crab cakes squeezed by. "There are too many paparazzi around. I get really intimidated when I have an audience while I'm shopping. I imagine them being like, 'Oh, why did she buy that? It is so not cute.' "

With many of the actresses in attendance clad in Louis Vuitton, Brittany Snow joked that she felt a bit left out. "Apparently, I didn't get the memo," she said, pointing to her Phi top. January Jones, who did receive the memo and looked fetching in a pair of natty Louis Vuitton trousers and a matching navy top, held court in a corner of the terrace, relaxing and chitchatting with friends. It was a surprising sight for those more accustomed to seeing the actress as the tightly wound 1960's housewife Betty Draper on Mad Men. In fact, the only time Jones clammed up was when asked (read: begged) for spoilers about the show's hotly anticipated fourth season, which premieres on July 25. "All I can say is it's going to be good," she demurred. "I mean, I don't want to lose my job!"


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